vendredi 8 mars 2013

PKCS#15 crypt Options

 Usage: pkcs15-crypt [OPTIONS]  
  -s, --sign          Performs digital signature operation  
  -c, --decipher        Decipher operation  
  -k, --key <arg>        Selects the private key ID to use  
  -r, --reader <arg>      Uses reader number <arg>  
  -i, --input <arg>       Selects the input file to use  
  -o, --output <arg>      Outputs to file <arg>  
  -R, --raw           Outputs raw 8 bit data  
    --sha-1          Input file is a SHA-1 hash  
    --sha-256         Input file is a SHA-256 hash  
    --sha-384         Input file is a SHA-384 hash  
    --sha-512         Input file is a SHA-512 hash  
    --sha-224         Input file is a SHA-224 hash  
    --md5           Input file is a MD5 hash  
    --pkcs1          Use PKCS #1 v1.5 padding  
  -p, --pin <arg>        Uses password (PIN) <arg> (use - for reading PIN from STDIN)  
    --aid <arg>        Specify AID of the on-card PKCS#15 application to be binded to (in hexadecimal form)  
  -w, --wait          Wait for card insertion  
  -v, --verbose         Verbose operation. Use several times to enable debug output.  

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