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PKCS#15 init Options

 Usage: pkcs15-init [OPTIONS]  
  -E, --erase-card       Erase the smart card  
  -C, --create-pkcs15      Creates a new PKCS #15 structure  
  -P, --store-pin        Store a new PIN/PUK on the card  
  -G, --generate-key <arg>   Generate a new key and store it on the card  
  -S, --store-private-key <arg>  
                 Store private key  
    --store-public-key <arg> Store public key  
  -X, --store-certificate <arg>  
                 Store an X.509 certificate  
  -U, --update-certificate <arg>  
                 Update an X.509 certificate (carefull with mail decryption certs!!)  
  -W, --store-data <arg>    Store a data object  
  -D, --delete-objects <arg>  Delete object(s) (use "help" for more information)  
  -A, --change-attributes <arg>  
                 Change attribute(s) (use "help" for more information)  
    --sanity-check      Card specific sanity check and possibly update procedure  
    --erase-application <arg>  
                 Erase application with AID <arg>  
  -r, --reader <arg>      Specify which reader to use  
    --pin <arg>        Specify PIN  
    --puk <arg>        Specify unblock PIN  
    --so-pin <arg>      Specify security officer (SO) PIN  
    --so-puk <arg>      Specify unblock PIN for SO PIN  
    --no-so-pin        Do not install a SO PIN, and do not prompt for it  
    --serial <arg>      Specify the serial number of the card  
  -a, --auth-id <arg>      Specify ID of PIN to use/create  
    --puk-id <arg>      Specify ID of PUK to use/create  
    --verify-pin       Verify PIN after card binding (use with --auth-id)  
  -i, --id <arg>        Specify ID of key/certificate  
  -l, --label <arg>       Specify label of PIN/key  
    --puk-label <arg>     Specify label of PUK  
    --public-key-label <arg> Specify public key label (use with --generate-key)  
    --cert-label <arg>    Specify user cert label (use with --store-private-key)  
    --application-name <arg> Specify application name of data object (use with --store-data-object)  
    --application-id <arg>  Specify application id of data object (use with--store-data-object)  
    --aid <arg>        Specify AID of the on-card PKCS#15 application to be binded to (in hexadecimal form)  
  -o, --output-file <arg>    Output public portion of generated key to file  
  -f, --format <arg>      Specify key/cert file format: PEM (=default), DER or PKCS12  
    --passphrase <arg>    Specify passphrase for unlocking secret key  
    --authority        Mark certificate as a CA certificate  
  -u, --key-usage <arg>     Specify X.509 key usage (use "--key-usage help" for more information)  
  -F, --finalize        Finish initialization phase of the smart card  
    --update-last-update   Update 'lastUpdate' attribut of tokenInfo  
    --ignore-ca-certificates When storing PKCS#12 ignore CA certificates  
    --extractable       Private key stored as an extractable key  
    --insecure        Insecure mode: do not require a PIN for private key  
  -T, --use-default-transport-keys  
                 Do not ask for transport keys if the driver thinks it knows the key  
    --no-prompt        Do not prompt the user; if no PINs supplied, pin pad will be used  
  -p, --profile <arg>      Specify the general profile to use  
  -c, --card-profile <arg>   Specify the card profile to use  
    --options-file <arg>   Read additional command line options from file  
  -w, --wait          Wait for card insertion  
  -h, --help          Display this message  
  -v, --verbose         Verbose operation. Use several times to enable debug output.  

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