vendredi 8 mars 2013

PKCS#15 tool Options

 Usage: pkcs15-tool [OPTIONS]  
  -L, --learn-card       Stores card info to cache  
    --list-applications    List the on-card PKCS#15 applications  
  -r, --read-certificate <arg> Reads certificate with ID <arg>  
  -c, --list-certificates    Lists certificates  
  -R, --read-data-object <arg> Reads data object with OID, applicationName or label <arg>  
  -C, --list-data-objects    Lists data objects  
    --list-pins        Lists PIN codes  
    --list-secret-keys    Lists secret keys  
  -D, --dump          Dump card objects  
  -u, --unblock-pin       Unblock PIN code  
    --change-pin       Change PIN or PUK code  
  -k, --list-keys        Lists private keys  
    --list-public-keys    Lists public keys  
    --read-public-key <arg>  Reads public key with ID <arg>  
    --read-ssh-key <arg>   Reads public key with ID <arg>, outputs ssh format  
  -T, --test-update       Test if the card needs a security update  
  -U, --update         Update the card with a security update  
    --reader <arg>      Uses reader number <arg>  
    --pin <arg>        Specify PIN  
    --new-pin <arg>      Specify New PIN (when changing or unblocking)  
    --puk <arg>        Specify Unblock PIN  
    --verify-pin       Verify PIN after card binding (without 'auth-id' the first non-SO, non-Unblock PIN will be verified)  
  -o, --output <arg>      Outputs to file <arg>  
    --no-cache        Disable card caching  
  -a, --auth-id <arg>      The auth ID of the PIN to use  
    --aid <arg>        Specify AID of the on-card PKCS#15 application to bind to (in hexadecimal form)  
  -w, --wait          Wait for card insertion  
  -v, --verbose         Verbose operation. Use several times to enable debug output.  

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